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Mars Coral Reef

The Nature Conservancy

World leading NGO active in over 32 coral reef countries, focusing on coral reef protection, management, and restoration.

The Nature Conservancy

Location: U.S. Virgin Islands

Partnership Status: Active

Reef Stars Deployed: 125


The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is globally recognized as a leading NGO on coral reef protection, management, and restoration and is currently active in over 32 coral reef countries, covering 40% of the world’s coral reefs. TNC and Mars have started a partnership to demonstrate a replicable model for jumpstarting reef recovery around the world. TNC are aligned to their deep commitment to reef recovery and are delighted to be working with Mars on this critical restoration program, starting in the US Virgin Islands.

In addition, the Nature Conservancy and SHEBA® brand joined forces to protect and restore the long-term health of coral reef ecosystems. As part of the SHEBA Hope Grows campaign SHEBA created The Channel that Grows Coral where every video viewed on the channel will result in a donation to TNC to support its coral reef restoration initiatives. This initiative was the first time that 100% of the funds from a YouTube channel have been monetized to support sustainability efforts.