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Mars Coral Reef

Section 4

Impact Above Water

When we install Reef Stars, we don't just regrow coral. We create employment opportunities and invest in community-led development programs.

Community Driven

Our community driven impact reaches far beyond our local reefs and islands. We engage with community leaders and representatives, as well as regional and international universities, to make sure our reef restoration creates the maximum possible benefit for as many people as possible. By taking a participatory approach and appointing community ambassadors representing key social groups (e.g. youth, women, fishermen), we ensure that restoration activities lead to sustainable livelihoods and drive behavioural change.

Our Methods

As we share our methods, we are expanding into new collaborative projects with local communities, charitable foundations, government authorities and global investors in a range of different social and environmental contexts. We take a supply-chain approach to reef restoration; each link in the chain provides an opportunity for the local community to be directly involved. There are multiple entry points to the process, which increases the skills required and diversifies and expands participation. Consequently, large numbers of the local community are involved in restoration.

In addition to reef restoration, we provide funding for projects aimed at delivering sustainable ‘reef-based’ livelihoods, supporting community cohesion and increasing the level of understanding and participation in reef restoration itself. For example, we anticipate upgrading sports facilities and community areas used for gatherings and celebrations. We also support schools in teaching children about the importance of coral reefs, through educational snorkelling and glass-bottom boat tours.

We are committed to the long-term sustainability of restoration, and will continue to develop our community empowerment programs for years to come.

Impact Above Water

36 community participants in each restoration event at Pulau Bontosua
Swimming and snorkelling lessons organised for local families
Community-led development programs