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Mars Coral Reef

Brand Partnership

Sheba Hope Grows

Sheba, one of our key partners, has launched the world's largest coral reef restoration program, restoring more than 185,000 square meters of reef by 2029.

The creation of hope

For 30 years, the seafloor of Salisi' Besar, a reef off the coast of Sulawesi in Indonesia was silent, destroyed by blast fishing to become a lifeless, mobile grey coral rubble bed. In 2019, Sheba, building upon a decade of research and in partnership with the MARS team, restored a 50 meter long reef, spelling the word H-O-P-E. Since then, Hope has grown both above and below the water...

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Sheba Hope Grows Campaign

Sheba is building on the momentum of Hope Reef through the Hope Grows Campaign, a 10-year commitment to restore the rest of Salisi' Besar as well as undertaking restoration at other locations around the globe in need of hope, including Hawaii, Australia, and the maldives.

Hope Reef in numbers


Reef Stars installed on Hope Reef


Coral fragments attached to start regrowth


Coral species growing so far on HOPE


increase in fish abundance at HOPE


Square meters of coral reef restored globally by 2029


Olympic swimming pools would fit into the area of reef we'll restore globally by 2029.


Partners joining the Big Build


Countries that the Sheba Hope campaign has sparked movement in.

We need projects that can advance our ambitious goals at speed and scale

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