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Mars Coral Reef

SHEBA® Brand

Our purpose-driven brand partner leading the iconic 'Sheba Hope Grows' campaign, aiming to restore 180,000m2 of coral reef around the world by 2029.

SHEBA® Brand

Location: Global sites including Maldives, Indonesia, Hawaii

Partnership Status: Active


Sheba Hope Reef today is a very different place compared to just a few years ago. Before restoration began in 2019, the silent seafloor was covered in dead, mobile gray coral rubble. Now, color is everywhere you look. From every crevice, you hear the healthy crackling and whooping of fish and organisms as they return home.

The coral reef restoration of Indonesia's Salisi’ Besar starts with writing the word 'HOPE'. Since then, Sheba has made a 10-year commitment to the project, which will see the restoration of the rest of Salisi’ Besar as well the extension of our work to other locations around the world in need of hope.

The Iconic Sheba Hope Reef

Recent News

Sheba has launched the Sheba Hope Grows Collective - a community of ocean lovers committed to investing resources and most importantly care to collectively grow never-ending hope for coral reefs, one of our most valuable ecosystems on Earth.

With the power of Web 3 technology, Sheba has created a collection of 11,269 sustainable Virtual Reef NFTs, the same number of Reef Stars planted on Hope Reef, where 100% of the proceeds fund reef restoration around the world. Community members can grow their virtual reefs, make decisions on how funding is spent, level up their coral (unlocking exciting new marine life) and ultimately claim a geotagged reef star to be planted on a real reef - resulting in 15 corals being out-planted! Your interactive Virtual Reef will be completely unique to your individual NFT and will be comprised of various coral species and colors.

The Virtual Reef NFTs are now available to buy! Purchasing your Virtual Reef is only the first part of the process. Once you have your NFT, there will be a period of time where the Sheba Hope Grows community gets to achieve a series of milestones such as spreading the word with the #ShebaHopeGrows, alongside witnessing reef milestones such-as seeing coral coverage increase on one of the restoration sites! Once every milestone has been reached, your Virtual Reef NFT will be assigned to a real reef star planted on a restored site - virtual reefs = real impact.

So! Join the Sheba Hope Grows Collective on Discord, follow their social channels and purchase your very own Virtual Reef NFT....

An interactive Virtual Reef, completely unique to your individual NFT